We founded our business in 1877 and have a rich experience in a long history of 140 years in accessories industry.
Accessories do not go out of trend, however our products have changed accordingly to the latest fashion trends, as well as environment.
We can always meet your demand and customize our goods to match your taste using our rich experience and knowledge.

Fashion trends change like a whirlwind along with the culture changes.
To satisfy our clients we follow our mission that is to create products that are fashionable but still have a touch of our company’s personality.
And we are truly devoted to that mission.
We do also follow the market continuously to create goods that are of a reasonable value.
Our design is made in Japan and the goods are produced later abroad or in Japan, so that we have original goods at a competitive price.
Since we do have our own stock, we accept orders starting from small quantities.
Please feel free to contact us.